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O Boy! It’s Monogram Monday Which Means a New O Printable!

O yeah! It’s time for the Monogram Monday O printable!

Oh say can you see, it’s time for a new Monogram Monday free O printable! It’s always fun to see how I can work the letter of the week into a sentence, but this one is almost too easy – O my, O Dear, O yeah, O well! It’s a letter, it’s a word, it’s an exclamation! It’s also a fun letter to begin your name with. If you are Olivia, Oliver, Ophelia, Oscar or Orlando, I have your letter. And for all you O’Reillys, Obamas, Owens, Obermans and Obermeyers, here’s the letter to dress up your family portrait wall, your entry, or just make a big splash as wall art. And wouldn’t this be fun to give as a gift? Just print, trim, and pop into a frame. Done and done!


Use this fun O printable in lots of different ways.

If you haven’t visited before, here’s how to use this fun freebie. The thick gray border is sized to fit a 5×7 frame, and I’ve added a matte area sized for an 8×10 frame if you would rather have that size. And if the pretty teal – turquoise doesn’t fit your decor or isn’t your color, it also prints well in grayscale.

I hope you’ll enjoy this fun printable. Be sure to come back next week for another letter, same style. And please sign up for my newsletter! You’ll receive a direct link to the Monogram of the week, as well as notice of other free printables and occasional updates.

O, by the way, Isn’t this mockup fun? I think it’s a great way to show how the printable can be used as wall art. Since the artwork is vectored, you can always enlarge. The mockup is courtesy of If you like, you can snag one for yourself here.

You can download your O printable by clicking on the button below.



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