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Happy Mother’s Day To You and Free Printable Card for Mom!


Happy Mother’s Day to you!

My mother’s favorite flowers were lilacs. Growing up, it never occurred to my child’s mind that lilacs bloomed around Mother’s Day, but in the years since she’s passed I think of her when I see lilac bushes covered in flowers, and know Mother’s Day is right around the corner. Catching a whiff of the pretty fragrance always gives me the sense that she’s close by.

My daughters also share a love of lilacs with me, and during springtime we look forward to when they bloom. One year, my Mother’s Day gift was a lilac bush that still grows in our yard. A gift of a lilac-scented candle or even a photograph kindles remembrance, and through these simple observances I feel as if we keep my momma close.


All in for the first smells of lilacs.

It’s been many years now since she’s gone but, of course, I will always miss her. No one understands you like your mother, or can call you on your shit when needed. My mom was great to talk things through with me, but she was also great at calling me out when I was making excuses.

My mom was a smart and dutiful woman. She was loved and revered and, as the saying goes, to know her was to love her. She felt it was her responsibility to give her best to those she loved, sometimes at her own expense. She passed that on to me, I think. I learned that it was my responsibility to do my very best. It took me many years to understand that on some days our best isn’t so great, and that’s OK too. I’ve also learned that sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself is to ease up a bit and not carry all those expectations all the time. I think Mum would have understood.

Here’s a free printable card to help you say Happy Mother’s Day

Life gets busy and it’s easy to let things slip during the day to day grind of life. Don’t beat yourself up about it. Your mom just wants hear from you, and if you can’t manage a gift or flowers for Mother’s Day, then at least give her a card. To help, I’ve created this pretty printable card to share with your Mom. Write a few lines inside to tell her how much you appreciate her and she’ll keep it forever. Bonus: you can use this card for any other occasion that might come up. Any time is a good time to tell your mom you love her!

You can download your free printable Mother’s Day card by clicking on the button below.




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