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My Top 10 Favorite Winter Things – and a New Printable!

Happy First Day of Winter!

If you’ve read almost any of my other posts about the seasons, you’ll know that Winter is not in my top 3 favorite seasons. I’ve lived my whole life in a region of the country that has all four seasons and when old man frost comes to visit, I start dreaming of Palm trees, beaches and anywhere else that doesn’t get frozen.  Before you condemn me for being a debbie downer or becky bummer (sorry to all the debbies and beckies) I’m trying to segue here into something positive. I don’t love driving on the icy roads, or feeling a constant numbness in my fingers, nose, and toes, but there are some great things about the winter season. Below are my top 10 favorite things about Winter. I had to reach a little and maybe rationalize just a bit, but hey, it’s all in the spirit of the season.

My Top 10 Favorite Things About Winter

  1. The Holidays. Winter Holidays are always fun. I love the lights and the decorations, but most of all, I love the spirit of the Season.
  2. Family celebrations. OK, this may actually belong with the first point, but being able to spend time with family during the Holidays will always be my favorite thing.
  3. Freshly fallen snow. Oh, Christmas Card! It’s so beautiful when the snowstorm is over and the sun comes out. The way freshly fallen snow glistens in the sunshine, you just know Mother Nature has a thing for glitter. 🙂
  4. Snowflakes. They really are amazing miracles of geometry, aren’t they? So, so pretty. Each one perfect and perfectly unique, they remind us to be present. You truly have to be in the moment to appreciate them.
  5. Playing in the snow. From snowballs to snowmen, sledding, tubing, snowshoeing and skiing to snowmobiling, there are so many ways to have fun in the snow.
  6. Silent night. The muffled quiet of a snowy night is magical. It’s as if the hush fills the air as the Earth sleeps.
  7. A crackling fire. What’s not to love about a cozy fire on a snowy evening? It naturally urges you to gather round and get cozy.
  8. A cozy blanket. Of course, if you’re in front of the fire a nice snuggly blanket will only make it better.
  9. A hot bath. I know this isn’t necessarily specific to winter, but it’s in the winter that a hot bath really comes into it’s own. Nothing is better after being outside than to sink into a hot bath, and if you can add jets or bubbles, even better!
  10. A pretty Winter printable! Ha! I love creating printables, and you probably know by now I’m always looking for a reason to do another.

Say Hello to Winter with a free printable from

A Pretty Winter Printable

I just love the pretty artwork for this printable. Many thanks to Antuenetto Art at Creative Market for the freebie. You can get it for your very own right here. The font I used is the fun Blessed Appetite Sans and is also available at Creative Market as part of the Blessed Script font family. If you love it as much as I do, you can grab it by clicking the image below.

Powered by Creative Market

Did I miss any of your winter favorites? Let me know in the comments below! My posts contain a combination of fangirl and affiliate links. Using these links costs you no extra and helps to support the artist and their groupie – me 🙂

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